Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A changed person, maybe?

I feel that I'm becoming a changed person. It has both advantages and disadvantages.
On one hand, I'm becoming more personal. Who do I share my secrets to? Not many. Only the fingers can count. And of course, God knows too. I spent two days out alone. Shopping, eating. I don't feel lonely or anything of that sort. 
Introverted, you may say. Well I wouldn't deny neither would I agree. Because I myself do not know that.
I think I am standing in between. I feel that I can be extroverted/introverted whenever I want to. Scary isn't it?
But.. don't worry my dear friends out there, I still love you. <3 just that some things aren't the same anymore. I hope that my change would be for the better. :) 

5 more days. Yippee yay yay *dances around*

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