Saturday, 20 August 2011

"Playing taptap revenge causes friendship to be broken" - Cassandra Lee Jia Min :)

(Introducing.. My Babygirl <3)

Today, babygirl and I head out together. 
Things I bought:
 > Revlon RED nail polish and I really love it. <3 
> 3 pieces of clothes.. (but now I regretted buying one of them :( ) 
Hohoho :) I need to stop being so fickle-minded and make up my mind when it comes to choosing and buying things including food. I am indeed blessed to have friends whom are so patient with me and to wait for me and my head brain's processing to be done before I can proceed to get that particular something. Note: This may take up to about 30 minutes. No joke. I NEED TO CHANGE, DON'T CHA THINK? 
I was able to help Cass out with her oral skills. We practiced picture discussion and reading! (Whupz, we forgot to practice communication part..but I think she will do a good job in it ;) ) She is a pretty good oral speaker. Imma so proud of her! <3 
Next. We got distracted and started playing taptap! Wow. We were so violent and fierce lika lioness when we were both sharing to play the ONE PLAYER game. Hence.. the title of this post *points up*
Had h2h talk together. It indeed feels good to be able to pour out my feelings once again. ;') 
6 years of friendship and going strong.
You are one in a million, my friend. Much love xoxo.


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